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The Great Internet Movie Rental Phenomenon

The latest craze for movie buffs everywhere is coming to a living room near you, if it hasn’t already. Internet movie rental services are making waves and gaining in popularity amongst time strapped film fans and budget conscious consumers alike. You may already have heard of Netflix and Blockbuster Online, but did you know about the cutting edge services that these companies have been busy developing? Let’s take a closer look at the online rental phenomenon and see whats coming next.

Let’s face it - who has time to drive to the video store and go thru racks of movies? Not I and probably not you either. Besides, the plot summary on the back of the DVD is great, but I’d like to know a little more before I decide to dedicate a couple hours to watching a film.

Internet movie rentals are not only convenient, they are a great way to discover movies that you may otherwise overlook. The rental services have developed entire communities to cater to their member base. You can look up movies, find similar movies, see reviews from ordinary people and chat about films all in one place. See a movie you’d like to watch? Click the button to have it shipped right to your door. It’s fast, its easy and it’s actually kind of fun!

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What types of movies can you rent from the online services? There are choices that range from the top Hollywood films to the more obscure and hard to find specialty films. The selection trumps any video store I have ever seen, and understandably so. It takes a warehouse to hold the variety of films that are offered by these services. So, if you are a fan of the unusual or an adventurous film buff, you will be thrilled with the variety of choices you have in movies.

All of these improvements over the traditional video store have combined to make internet movie rental services a huge hit for consumers and the companies alike. Both leading providers have also shown a commitment to utilize technology to bring subscribers more movies faster. With service and selection like this, it’s no wonder why renting online is now the “hip” (and affordable) way to indulge in the love of movies!

Author: Bob Barlowe

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‘The Ghosts of Crowley Hall’ Available to Download Now

We have just released our movie ‘The Ghosts of Crowley Hall’ over the Internet as a digital download. The file is in DivX format and its size is about 850MB, which you will then be able to watch on your PC, or burnt to DVD and played on a DivX compatible DVD player.

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The Art Of Editing A Movie

Editing a movie can be referred to as tailoring a movie. Just as people don’t want to wear ill-fitting clothes, similarly no viewer is ready to see an unedited movie. An unedited movie is not compact, brief or tight, so it does not lure the spectators. The art of editing a movie means arrangement of shots according to an understandable viewpoint so that the viewers can derive aesthetic pleasure.

In cinema, generally two techniques are followed, viz., mise-en-scene and montage. Mise-en-scene refers to the composition part of movie making or in other words, whatever is being shot with the single switch-on of the camera till the single switch-off of the camera. Whereas, the editing style and technique are known as montage.

Some years ago, editing a movie was a difficult as well as a lengthy task when the films were shot in celluloid. Edit actually means ‘cut’ and the editors sliced the unwanted strip from the master roll and used to paste all the perfect shots into one. However, a duplicate of the master, known as dupe print, is used for all the experimentation. The viewable celluloid is prepared through such a rigorous process.

This was the time of linear editing. However, computers have provided the scope of non-linear editing. It is generally known that when the movie is shot, it is  much more lengthily than what we actually see in the cinema hall. The unedited footage is known as ‘rush’.

All the unwanted and NG shots have to be edited from the film to give you the compact film. Therefore, it can be said that editing a movie is an art and the editors need to perfect the art with dedication and practice.

A good editor is able to play with the emotions of the viewers. While editing the shots, the sound which was ’synced’ or recorded with the shots like the ambiance noise, needs to be edited or else a re-recording of the sound is needed.

Here the editor gets the scope of creating artificial things. Some practice folly, where the object is actually thrown and then the sound is recorded. Editing is the post-production stage of movie making and since it is one of the vital stages, poor editing can mar a good movie.

Many people believe that a movie is made on the editing table, as everything from the effect of lightning and thunder to the squeaking of a mouse is available. Shots are built up, as not every shot is a key shot. While editing, the shots are arranged so that the weaker shots act as parasite to the stronger ones and sometimes editing hides the mistakes made in the production stage.

It can be said that the argument between the linear and non-linear editing is often subjective. Whatever  the type, editing a movie is not the selection of shots but the right collection of shots and presentable summary of the shots.

Victor Epand

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The Crowley Hall Investigation


In late 2006, after a phone call from the owner of Crowley Hall in the north of England, ghost hunter Arron Kasady did some research into the history and strange occurrences that have happened there. There were no witnesses to the noises heard there, and only a couple of people that were there during the ghost sightings have been found. The only other evidence, that was discovered in the nurses quarters, was a photograph taken in 1974.

In early 2007, a small team of paranormal investigators led by Arron Kasady, entered the building to conduct some preliminary tests. Photographs were taken, that produced images of strange orbs in certain rooms, particularly the old children’s nursery. Erratic temperature readings were recorded throughout the hall, and the team had the feeling of being constantly watched.

Following on from this initial research, Arron decided to conduct a full investigation into the ghosts that apparently reside at Crowley Hall. It was hoped that conclusive evidence of paranormal activity and ghosts could be gathered during their stay there. The whole event was filmed and photographed for a documentary entitled ‘The Ghosts of Crowley Hall’.

Story by Arron Kasady

Crowley Hall, situated in the north of England, was built in the late 19th century. It had originally been built as a hospital and served that purpose until the 1920’s, when it was reformed and renamed as ‘The Crowley Home for the Criminally Insane’. Run by head practitioner Dr. Bernard Leys and his wife Beatrice, it was one of the key centres for mental illness and criminal behavioural studies in the north of England.

There have been many supposed Ghost Sightings at Crowley Hall in England. During it’s life, the Hall has had a number of paranormal incidents suggesting the prescence of ghosts, and there are Ghost Stories dating back to the the 1950’s. Recently, a Ghost Photo was recovered during renovations at the hall, and this had prompted a full Ghost Investigation there. This Investigation is being made into a Feature Film due to be released towards the end of 2007.

Leys ran Crowley Hall for 32 years, before dying in mysterious circumstances during an examination on one of the more seriously deranged inmates at the asylum. It had been claimed that Leys died after being attacked by the inmate whilst carrying out an operation. The inmate had apparently not been fully anaesthetised, and woke during the procedure. In the ensuing chaos, the inmate stabbed Leys in the neck. Official records state however that Leys died of a heart attack while during the operation.

During Leys’ time at the hall, rumours of serious malpractice were rife. Stories spread of experimentation on some of the most violent inmates, including beatings and starvation. Upon Leys’ death, an investigation into the rumours was conducted. However, the findings were inconclusive, as many records of the time had been destroyed when a fire broke out during the investigation.

In all the investigations I have done, I can truly say that I have walked away thinking that maybe there was a scientific explanation for everything I have witnessed. I am a ghost hunter, I should always come away questioning what I have seen that way I can separate what I believe is true paranormal activity from what isn’t. However when it came to the location I am writing about now, I can honestly say my beliefs were turned upside down and inside out.

We heard about Crowley Hall when the owner of the location called us about some problems he was having whilst carrying out renovations. The workers he had employed had been suffering at the hands of sever supernatural activity, and during a particularly nasty attack had downed tools and gone on strike. Well, when the team hear this sort of thing, it is like music to our ears. Plus we had recently been discussing the possibility of shooting a documentary of one of our investigations, but nothing had come close to the possibilities that Crowley Hall could have. So once everything had been organised we were on our way.

When we finally reached the building, I was excited to be doing something a
bit different from the norm. Not just carrying out an investigation with such a history as Crowley Hall, had but also being able to document it on film. The building itself was a grand old place. Inside, although the upper floors had the look of a recent children’s hospital, the lower floors still held the atmosphere of a building that had been around for more than one hundred years. In fact this was probably the biggest building we had

My excitement was matched by the other members of the ghost hunting crew. This was a new experience for us and you could feel the atmosphere was electric. Unfortunately this wasn’t a feeling that was going to last very long.

Everything was going smoothly until Annabel, our spiritual medium, whispered in my ear that she had grave reservations for the evening’s activities. She had felt that Crowley Hall had something in store for us that evening and she was extremely worried for the safety of everyone involved. She asked me to make sure that I was spiritually protected alongwith the rest of the crew.

I should have listened.

Annabel was uncomfortable about the whole thing from the very beginning. She had picked up on the spirits of both Alfred and Doctor Leys. She had told us that Doctor Leys was angry at us for being there, and he was going to show us just how angry he was later on in the evening. I really should have listened.

Maybe it was the excitement of making the documentary that dulled my own feelings towards what could happen. Maybe I was just caught up with making sure the filming was going as planned to think clearly. Everything was going well. We had heard some sounds and caught some ‘orb’ footage. The evening looked like it would just progress as it had done in most other haunted building we had been in. The shooting was going smoothly, interviews were filmed and a couple of vigils held. In my mind nothing more was going to happen, until we held the séance in the old children’s ward. In retrospect, I probably shouldn’t have pushed as hard as I did. I shouldn’t have said what I did. Annabel had been there to warn us of all this and I ignored the warnings.

What happened later on that evening will stay with me forever. A lot of the team couldn’t sleep properly after that night. I couldn’t sleep for days afterwards. I keep questioning what happened, always thinking back to the séance, always asking whether I could have handled things differently. constantly blaming myself.

It was the first time we have ever had to abandon an investigation halfway through. After what happened to me I knew we had to get out of there. We had been scared so much we couldn’t face spending another moment in that place. It has made me question a lot about my own beliefs, made me think about what is actually out there. A majority of us think of life after death as a few footsteps in a dark building, or a few light anomalies flashing across a camera. We always hope for that full spectral manifestation to prove that ghosts are real, but after Crowley Hall, I don’t think you need a ghost to come right up to the camera and say hello to prove it exists.

We have been making plans to go back and finish what we started. Two
thirds of the crew don’t want to return, and I don’t blame them. I don’t want to go back, but I need to find out if what happened that night wasn’t just my imagination.

The thought of going back scares me, and I don’t mind admitting that for the first time in my life. I am truly terrified. The ghost hunters did return to Crowley Hall, and the second part of the investigation there was completed in the early hours on 12th August 2007.

More strange paranormal activity was witnessed and recorded by the team, including moving objects, strange noises and more orbs. Delving into parts of the Hall previously unexplored, Dr. Leys’ home was investigated, and some of the findings were quite incredible.

This article was first published at

Read the Crowley Hall Ghosts Article

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Robert Rodriguez’s 10 minute film school

Good Morning Class!

Now a famous film-maker a while back said something about ‘Everything you need to know about film you can learn in a week.’ He was being generous. You can learn it in 10 minutes.

Set your watches we will be out of here in ten kids.

Okay, so you wanna be a film-maker?
(Class choruses ‘YES’)
Wrong! You ARE a film-maker. The moment you think about that you want to be a fillm-maker you’re that. Make yourself a business card that says you’re a film-maker, pass them out to your friends, soon as you get that over with and you’ve got it in your mind that you’re one you’ll be one, you’ll start thinking like one. Don’t dream about being a film-maker, you are a film-maker. Now let’s get down to business.

Let’s Play!!

What you need to learn is that being creative is not enough in this business. You have to become techinical. Creative people are born creative - you’re lucky. Technical people however can never be creative. Its something they’ll never get. You can’t buy it, find it, study it - you’re born with it. Too many creative people don’t want to learn how to be technical, so what happens? they become dependent on technical people. Become technical, you can learn that. If you’re creative and technical, you’re unstoppable.

Experience - Do you have experience in movies? You do, right - you WATCH movies. Now you need to have movie experience - you’re not going to learn from just watching movies, you’re learn some things, you’ll learn more picking up a camera, making your own films, your own mistakes - mistakes don’t have to be mistakes, everything is subjective - a mistake to one person is actually a piece of art to someone else. Hide behind that, tell everyone its art, you can get away a lot.

Start with a screenplay. Does anybody here know how to write? No - good. Everyone else writes the same way. Start writing your way. That makes you unique. You can take writing classes, that’s good, but don’t bother to go to film school or you’ll be making films like everybody else. We want to see your film.

How do you write a script? Well, you obviously don’t have a lot of money or you wouldn’t be in my class. So you wanna make a movie but you don’t want to spend a lot. You’re gonna come up with problems everyday on your set. You can get rid of the problem one of two ways - you can do it creatively or you can wash it away with the money hose. You got no money, you got no hose. So let’s make a screenplay for a movie you can actually make without having to make your parents poor. Let’s make a cheap movie.

How do you make a cheap movie? - Look around you, what do you have around you? Take stock in what you have. Your father owns a liquor store - make a movie about a liquor store. Do you have a dog? Make a movie about your dog. Your mom works in a nursing home, make a movie about a nursing home. When I did El Mariachi I had a turtle, I had a guitar case, I had a small town and I said I’ll make a movie around that.

How do you visualise a movie? With storyboards, you can do that. You can previsualise your movie and draw them out, but what you should really do is make a blank screen for yourself and watch your movie. Close your eyes and stare at this. Imagine a screen, imagine your movie. Shot for shot, cut for cut. Sit there, close your eyes and get rid of everybody, get rid of all your thoughts in your head except your movie and watch your movie. Is it too slow? Is it too fast? Is it funny? Does it make sense? Watch it and then write down what you see. Write down the shots that you see. And then just go get those shots.

The man and his 16mm cameraEquipment. OK let’s go over the equipment. The worse the better. You don’t want anything too fancy, remember this is your first movie - you’re not Spielberg yet. I used this one for El Mariachi, almost the same one, I used a 16M this is a 16S, this is exactly what I had. It helped me move fast because it was light, it was very noisy so I could do the sound in a wacky way, but this thing here would cost you about $2000. Don’t spend that kind of money, find some monkey that own’s one. I found somone who had one of these sitting around, he wasn’t using it. I borrowed it from him, I shot my movie.

(Points at what look’s like a damn heavy tripod) Look at it, this is a nice stand, its a very solid stand, y’know what’s gonna happen? The camera is gonna stay on the stand, you’re just gonna keep it there, ‘cos its so nice, meaning your movie’s gonna look…stiff. Take it off of there, sit in a wheelchair, push yourself around, get some energy in your film. That’s the great thing about first films is that they have so much life and so much energy. Big productions can’t even duplicate that energy, because they’ve got too good a stand and too much crew and everything is really smooth and polished and its lifeless. Add life to your film by getting rid of the fancy stuff. (Points at the tripods) Too good, too heavy, too good - just use your hands.

Here’s a lightmeter, this isn’t the write one, I broke my other one. This is a spotmeter, that’s OK but it’s too fancy. You just need one with a little white dome on it, point it to your subject, read the light, look at the number on your lightmeter - remember your lightmeter is your friend - feed that into lens and the iris, and then you’re set. Start shooting.

Don’t overlight. On Mariachi I had two lights, regular lightbulbs, they were balanced for indoor film, so look fine. In fact everyone said the lighting looked moody because there was very little light . Your mistakes, your shortcomings suddenly becomes artistic expression.

Finally, postproduction. When you’ve finished shooting your movie what do you do? (Picks up video mixer) These are your friends my friends. Video editing systems, computer editing systems, anything like that, its immediate, its easy, its cheap. Do not cut on film. Film is your enemy. You may be shooting on film but don’t cut on film. If any of you want to cut on film get out of my class right now. Go spend $20,000 on a real film school and do that. You’ll never get a job though - believe me.

Everything is on computers or video these days. Film is slow, film is expensive, film is not creative - film take’s too long. Cut on tape that’s what I do. I shot Mariachi for nothing. I edited on video. I had a three-quarter inch master that looked beautiful because the negative was transferred right to tape. There was no middleman so it looked like 35mm - clean, pristine. I made VHS copies of this, sent them out all over Hollywood. I never made a film print. (Picks up film strip) Waste of money. You have to string them up, they get worn out. They’re expensive. They’re copies of your negative. You don’t want that, you don’t want copies of your negative, you want your negative…on tape. Where people can duplicate it and watch it and get you work.

OK so you’ve made your movie, you’ve cut it, you’ve got it out, people want you. What do you do? The first thing you want to do is get an agent - right away. Hollywood is full of sharks, you need a shark working for you. These guys go and get you the best deals, they get you the best prices, they get you the best movies.

What you’ve learnt is what no one else has. How to make a movie dirt cheap. No one else in Hollywwod knows how to do that. You guys can make them cheap, you guys can make them better, don’t get swallowed in the system, take advantage of your position.

Now I make movies that are still low budget but they look like big budget movies because I learnt the techniques that I just showed you today.

…and this is an e-flat - twang ! All right I’ve got to go back and do my own films so I hope you guys learnt something today, I hope you grab some of these cameras and go shoot something of your own, I hope you write down the ideas that you have, the dreams that you have.

Stop aspiring, start doing.

See you in Hollywood - be scary!

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Crowley Hall Review by AngryPrincess

The Paranormal has always fascinated me. Whether it be as a child when it terrified me, or as an adult where it became an obsession to prove to myself that there was something after life besides just death. Have I personally ever found anything concrete…not really only a few what ifs made it to me. Today in our world the paranormal is almost like having a second language, everyone delves in it. I have went to countless cemeteries, abandoned buildings and mental asylums and all I ever manage to get were dust orbs, a few unexplained glowing orbs, and an incident that caused me to run like the wind out of that place and I’ll never forget it.

Crowley Hall was built in the 19th century and served as a hospital. Then from the 1920-1930’s Doctor Leys and his wife Beatrice took over and it became a place for the criminally insane. Dr. Leys was noted as being a key figure in creating new treatments for mental illness in Northern England. Some say Dr. Leys liked to perform sadistic experiments on the more violent patients. It is stated that Leys death was from a heart attack but insiders new better and spoke of an operation gone wrong in which Dr. Leys ended up a victim from the patient he was treating. I guess he should of tied those restraints a tad tighter and he wouldn’t have ended up stabbed in the neck.

The Ghosts Of Crowley Hall is a documentary Arron Kasady and a team of other experts set out with a vengeance to make and you see their determination as well as many parts of this old historic building. When the team holds a séance things start to get interesting and are visited first by a man named Alfred and then by a spirit believed to be Leys himself. If you like shows like Ghost Hunters or if you like old abandoned buildings like me this film is for you. It was a little hard to hear some of the reaction bangs but none the less it was exciting to watch. I sincerely hope they go back and see what other things they can find out about this amazing historic place!

7/10 - Angry Princess


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How to Get the Hottest Movie Downloads

If you are a movie fan, you should be really happy that you can easily find online almost every new movie. With so many free and paid sites for movie downloads , you don’t have to wait a long time to get the movies of your choice. Maybe you remember the times before new movies were released on DVD at the same time they were released to the theaters. Now it is different. You can go online, pay a small fee and download all the latest movies you want. You could possibly get them for free but basically the quality of the free copies is much lower than that of the paid ones.

Browsing the Internet will reveal many sites with huge databases with movies. If you have doubts about exactly how to download the movies of your choice, searching the Web will be useful because you can find a lot of good advice there. There are great tips for novices and experts alike. Downloading movies is very practical because this way you can save from DVDs. Having in mind how many new films are released daily, the savings can be substantial.

It is not the same where you download your movies from. Many free sites are dangerous to download from because they can infect your computer with all sorts of malware. Getting your computer infected with malware is certainly not a pleasure, so in fact you will be paying a lot for the free download. Even if you don’t catch malware, the quality of the movie you can download from a free site is enough of a penalty. Poor audio and video is common for newly released movies from free sites, as is lack of synchronization of the sound/video channels. These quality issues are one more reason why you should go for paid sites, which generally offer neither viruses for free, nor disgusting quality.

There are two types of fees most paid sites offer a flat membership fee and a pay per download fee. Additionally, in most cases there is a trial period (usually it is free but it is also possible to be against a small fee) during which you can use the site and make sure that it is what you want. If you think the site is a good one, you can extend your membership beyond the trial period. If you don’t think the site is worth your money, you can simply quit. For most people the flat membership fee is the better alternative but if you don’t intend to download a lot, pay per download could work better for you.

One more criterion for choosing a movie downloads site is its support. You should also have a look at the Frequently Asked Questions section to see if the questions you have are answered there. Additionally, you can always send an email with your questions to the support team and take advantage of their assistance.

Entertainment companies have enough information about users’ preferences and they know how popular online downloads can be because it is so comfortable to sit at home, in front of your superb equipment and watch a hot new movie. These things provoked entertainment companies to include online downloads in their marketing strategy. The benefits for users are endless and they are not limited to being able to watch recent movies without risking to get the latest crop of viruses as well.

Author: Isaiah G. Henry

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The Dark Knight Times

One of the most eagerly anticipated films in the past several years, The Dark Knight just may be the huge money-maker that Warner Bros. Pictures hopes it will be. With an intriguing plot and a stellar cast, this Batman movie may just be the best in the series yet.

At least that’s how the fans see it. Online movie forums are filled with people who are quite excited about this movie. Some are comic book fans who are interested simply because this is a Batman movie. But many others are looking forward to this film for other reasons.

As mentioned above, The Dark Knight has a highly-talented cast. Batman is played by Christian Bale, who also played the role in Batman Begins. Bale was the seventh actor to play the character of Batman in a live-action film and the only non-American actor to have the role of Batman.

The other lead character in The Dark Knight is the Joker. Heath Ledger was cast as the Joker. Unlike Jack Nicholson’s portrayal of the Joker in 1989’s Batman—in which the Joker was a bad guy, but he was also rather amusing– Ledger portrayed the Joker as a frightening psychopath. Ledger took a lot of inspiration in developing his character from Sid Vicious and the 1971 movie, A Clockwork Orange.

Other noteworthy actors in The Dark Knight include the Oscar winner Michael Caine, who plays Alfred Pennyworth. Pennyworth is Bruce Wayne’s (Batman’s) butler. Morgan Freeman, another Oscar winner, has the role of Lucius Fox. Fox runs Wayne Enterprises for Bruce Wayne.

Several other well-known Hollywood actors and actresses are in this film as well. Harvey Dent—the District Attorney who helps Batman fight Gotham’s crime spree—is played by Aaron Eckhart. Attorney Rachel Dawes, who works with Harvey Dent, is played by Maggie Gyllenhaal.

Talented cast notwithstanding, The Dark Knight has had its share of problems and concerns. Perhaps the most well-known is the death of one of the main actors of the film.

Heath Ledger’s sudden death on January 22, 2008 could have caused some major difficulties for Warner Bros. Pictures. Luckily, though, Ledger had already finished filming his scenes and post-production work. So, although the film was not going to be completed and ready for release for another seven months, Ledger’s death did not cause any real trouble for the actual movie.

This is a good thing, because the character of the Joker is of central importance to The Dark Knight—and, by nearly all accounts, Ledger’s portrayal of the Joker is marvelous. The basic premise of this movie is that Batman teams up with District Attorney Dent to try to get rid of the crime in the city. But, the Joker—and his multitude of rogues–becomes more dangerous than anything else they have faced.

Whether fans are looking forward to this film because it is the newest Batman movie or because of the cast or even because of the eerily gruesome Joker matters not—at least not to Warner Bros. Pictures. They seem to have a blockbuster on their hands—the biggest blockbuster of the summer of 2008.

Author: darkknightmovie

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