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Star Trek Has Arrived

Star Trek has been popular for decades. It has gained popularity with comic book readers, addicted television watchers, and movie lovers. Star Trek fans can see their favorite characters, such as Captain Kirk, Spock, James, and Uhara, come alive in the new release by Jeffrey Jacobs, “J.J.” Abrams. The Star Trek movie features actors Chris Pine, John Cho, Zachary Quinto, and many other amazing actors. J.J. Abrams is an award winning director who was a great choice for directing this movie. Star Trek fans, also known as Trekkies, would be hard to disappoint because he was in the director’s chair. He has won both Emmy and Golden Globe awards for his work.

The new release is the eleventh Star Trek movie based on the franchise. The science fiction movie is filled with action and adventure. What’s different and unique about this movie is that it previews the history of characters James Tiberius Kirk and Spock. It tells of their journey about how they started their careers on the USS Enterprise. The plot of the movie is an exciting one. The opening scenes of the movie show an attack against the USS Kelvin by a Romulan vessel, Narada. James Kirk’s life begins during the attack because he was born during all the fighting. The movie then continues on 22 years after the attack when James is an adult.

At a bar in Iowa, James meets captain Pike and a love interest, Uhara. After a bar brawl, Captain Pike convinces James to straighten up his life, use his intelligence, and join the Starfleet academy. Upon arrival of the academy, James runs into Uhara and the guys he fought at the bar. However, that didn’t stop him from doing so well in the academy. He also sits next to Dr. Leonard McCoy, who soon becomes one of his good friends. James excels in the academy and beats an unbeatable test; instincts just like his father. Some of the students from the Starfleet Academy were called to join the USS enterprise because there was an attack in space. James wasn’t chosen because he was accused of cheating on a test, but his friend Dr. McCoy sneaks him on the USS Enterprise.

The action and adventure continues with the USS Enterprise fighting off Nero, captain of the Narada. Nero destroyed a Vulcan empire and had plans to destroy Earth. James Kirk is promoted to a first officer and then becomes captain. He and Spock work together to defeat the Narada. The best way to find out if the Narada is defeated is to see the movie and watch the action.

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